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Skydancer Introduction

Skydancer GmbH

We develope alternative conceptions for motorhomes. Our main innovation is the "2B" Two Bottom (floor) Elevation Motorhome with high level driving compartmant for all passengers AND lower level living compartmant behind.

This concept has already been introduced in the 7.5 t prototype on a Mercedes Atego chassis. It was exhibited at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf in 2014 and received a great deal of interest. It features another one of our concepts which is: surround (360º) view cabin.

Skydancer GmbH

Skydancer 3,5 t. class

We introduced also the idea of 2B Concept to popular motorhomes in 3,500kg class. The Fiat Ducato chassis is the most popular making up 75% of the market. We have now devoloped a framework for providing 2B concept on Ducato basic chassis. This type of construction is completely new in the RV industrie.

3,5 Tonnen Klasse

Skydancer Convertible

Our next speciality is building cabriolet motorhomes. The idea of the 2B open that completely new horizons and provide first possibility to built real convertible motorhomes. Why?

  1. driver and passengers ere sitting in the elevanted position, near on the roof of cabin,
  2. there is no longer sleeping bed in the cabin, hanging
Wir bauen Cabrio Wohnmobile

Skydancer Traveling together

Another benefit of our sitting arrangement in four sits driving cabin:

every passengers seat near each other, all people enjoy excelent view end conversation together.


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